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Rural Solutions

We have a vast range of products to suit your fencing and DIY needs, all manufactured for NZ conditions.

Roofing Solutions

Bayonet Roofing products provide quality and dependability for both commercial and residential applications.

Fixed Knot Farm Fence

Manufactured with BayoZal, our Fixed Knot Farm Fence will keep your sheep, deer, cattle and horses contained.

Kiwi Knot Farm Fence

Designed with no sharp edges, secure sheep, cattle, and deer with Kiwi Knot Farm Fence.

Kiwi Knot Horse Fence

Kiwi Knot Horse Fence is cost effective and animal friendly - designed as an equine farm fence solution.

Hex Wire Netting

Made in the Bay of Plenty, Bayonet is proud to be New Zealand's only hex netting manufacturer.

Bayonet Airco Fastening Soutions

Bayonet is now a proud distributor of the Airco C-Clip and Hog Ring Fastener Gun applicator range.

Bayonet Fastlink®

Join, tension, and tie off fencing wire with Bayonet Fastlink Wire Joiners, Tensioning Tool, and Fence Enders.

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