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Hex Wire Netting 38mm


  • Rural Fencing
  • General Purpose
  • DIY

We have manufactured Hex Netting in the Bay of Plenty since 1972. Our new 38mm Hex Wire Netting is an evolution of listening to Kiwi Farmers and manufacturing a solution to their needs.

Bayonet 38mm Hex Wire Netting is most commonly used in Rural applications to assist as a barrier in the control of feral animals such as rabbbits and wallabies. It can also be laid flat on the ground or used as an apron to assist in controlling burrowing animals. The super-sized core reduces wastage as the netting unrolls easily right to the very end of the roll.

Hex Wire Netting 41mm Rabbitkiwi mademanufactured in NZISO 9001


  • Strength
    • Twin edge selvedge wires for ease of tensioning and added strength.
  • Corrosion Protection
    • Heavily galvanised 185g/m2 BayoGAL Plus coating improves durability and rust resistance, for extended life over BayoGAL.
    • Manufactured after galvanised coating.
  • Cost Effective
    • Our super-sized inner core facilitates Bayonet 38mm Hex Netting to be used on tractor/digger mounted fence handler machinery.
  • Versatile
    • Can be used for many applications, including rural fencing, DIY/general purpose, as a barrier to assist in the control of feral animals, and as an apron on fences laid flat on the ground or buried to assist in controlling burrowing animals.
  • Eco Friendly
    • 100% recyclable


Hex Wire Netting 38mm

Premium 6

Bayonet Hex Wire Netting 38mm comes in a range of widths and lengths.
SKU Roll Height (mm) Aperture (mm) Diameter (mm) Roll Length (Lineal M) Weight (kg) MTO
HN450381450BGP 450381.45018.5
HN600381450BGP 600381.45024 -
HN900381410BGP 900381.4107.2 -
HN900381450BGP 900381.45036 -
HN9003814100BGP 900381.410072 -
HN1050381450BGP 1050381.45042 -
HN10503814100BGP 1050381.410084 -
HN1200381450BGP 1200381.45047 -
HN12003814100BGP 1200381.410094 -
HN1800381450BGP 1800381.45069
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