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Hex Wire Netting 38mm Maxline Multi Strand


  • A barrier to assist in control of feral animals
  • Rural Fencing

Kiwi Farmers asked us for a higher level of protection, so we added more wire! Introducing Bayonet’s patented, 38mm Hex Wire Netting Maxline Multi Strand.

With some good old Kiwi ingenuity, we have completely redesigned one of our hex netting machines to include 20 x 1.4mm horizontal line wires through the lower section of the fence. These 20 horizontal line wires give an unparalleled level of assistance to obstruct feral animal movement with hex netting products.

supersized corekiwi mademanufactured in NZ


  • Strength
    • Twin edge wires for ease of tensioning and added strength.
    • 20 x 1.4mm horizontal centre strand wires.
  • Corrosion Protection
    • Heavily galvanised 185g/m2 BayoGal Plus coating improves durability and rust resistance, for extended life over BayoGal.
  • Cost Effective
    • Super-sized inner core ensures full length of netting unrolls easily – can be used on material equipment.
  • Eco Friendly
    • 100% recyclable.


Hex Wire Netting 38mm Maxline Multi Strand

Premium 6

SKU Roll Height (mm) Aperture (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) (gauge) Roll Length (Lineal M) Weight (kg)
HN1200381450BGPMS 1200381.4/175058
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