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Kiwi Knot Farm Fence


  • Farm Fencing
  • Predator / Exclusion Fencing
  • Construction Site Fencing

Secure sheep, cattle and deer with Bayonet’s BayoZal Kiwi Knot Farm Fence. Galvanised with 95% zinc / 5% aluminium wire, this wire fence is available in a range of heights and lengths.

kiwi knotkiwi mademanufactured in NZsupersized core


  • Cost Effective
    • Super-sized inner core ensures full length of netting unrolls easily.
    • Can be used on material handling equipment.
  • Corrosion Protection
    • Designed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh weather and chemicals thanks to BayoZal’s 95% zinc / 5% aluminium wire.
  • Animal Friendly
    • Kiwi Knot is designed to have no sharp edges.
  • Flexible
    • Tension curves allows the fence to flex under pressure but still retain its form.
  • Traceability
    • This product is batch marked and can be traced back to point of manufacture.
  • Choice
    • A range of sizes with various heights & lengths.


Kiwi Knot Farm Fence

Premium 18

Kiwi Knot mesh fencing measurement guide
Bayonet Kiwi Knot Farm Fence has a vast range of line wires, heights, stay spacings and lengths.
SKU Line Wires Roll Height (mm) Stay Spacing (mm) Roll Length (Lineal M) Weight (kg) MTO
KK88030100BZ 880030010045-
KK88030200BZ 880030020089
KK8901550BZ 89001505030
KK89015100BZ 890015010061-
KK89015200BZ 8900150200122
KK8903050BZ 89003005023
KK89030100BZ 890030010046-
KK89030200BZ 890030020092
KK1319015100BZ 131900150100109
KK1319030100BZ 13190030010080
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