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3rd Generation
Family-Owned & Operated
Kiwi Company

Since 1972 we’ve been a trusted trading partner to New Zealand’s rural and construction sectors, with our products earning a reputation for quality and performance. 

We’re passionate about wire and steel, and over the years we’ve amassed vast experience and expertise for manufacturing right here in New Zealand. With the majority of our product range manufactured in-house, we manage all aspects of quality control – from the selection of raw materials, product design and manufacture, right through to customer service and after-sales support. 

Our products, designed to comply with industry building codes and tough rural conditions, are used in residential & commercial buildings, farms, orchards and vineyards across New Zealand and around the world.


“We’re proud to be further developing the business Dad started in ’72. Lot’s has changed over the years, but we hold tight to our values.”

Joel Bishop


The early days

Our story began in 1972, with Doug Bishop and his son Paul. Having spent several years as a contractor working in quarries, Doug longed for a roof over his head at work and the ability to earn a living rain, hail or shine, all year round. He also wanted a business where he could employ his intellectually handicapped son, Paul’s brother.

As luck would have it, an opportunity presented itself when he acquired a building paper machine following the sale of Millers Marathon Roofing to Fletcher Dimond.

It was this machine that could turn out bituminous building paper for the construction industry that marked the start of the Bishop family business. Much trial and error followed, with Paul, only one year out of school, hands-on with his brother and their Dad in makeshift premises at Tauranga’s Sulphur Point.

But before they could start trading, their business needed a name.

After calling the Companies Office to register, Doug Bishop was told that Douglas Industries was already taken. But what about Paul? Fortunately, Paul Industries was available and, in that moment in May, Paul Industries was born.

They started by manufacturing bituminous building papers and underlays for walls and rooves. Competing against established brands like Malthoid, Duroid and Penroid, it made perfect sense to Doug and Paul to call their bituminous building products Pauloid.

It’s true, not a lot of thought went into naming conventions in those early days. Instead, we focussed our energy on supplying premium quality products and service, a reputation that has stuck with the company for half a century.

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The early days

In 1972, Doug Bishop and his son Paul, built a machine that could turn out bituminous building paper for the construction industry. Naming their business Paul Industries, they began trading.

Hex machine unloading '75-01

Responding to the building boom

All around New Zealand, new homes and buildings were going up and construction products were in short supply. Spotting a new business opportunity, Doug and Paul purchased machinery to produce 75mm hexagonal roof netting to support roofing underlays.

A passion for wire

Over the next few years, our business branched out into a range of hexagonal netting sizes and products. When we were able to produce 41mm hex netting for rabbit fencing, this opened the door to the rural market. Our product range expanded to include fencing wire, barbed wire, chain link fencing and fence staples.


Kiwimesh Roof Safety Wire Mesh

Safety drives innovation

Labour requirements for safe working environments in the construction industry, particularly working from heights, sparked the development of our Kiwimesh brand. The first to manufacture this specialist roofing product in New Zealand.

To this day, Bayonet is the only manufacturer of roof mesh and roof netting in New Zealand.


It’s a wrap

When the construction industry called for faster wrapping systems, we responded by producing the latest technology membranes, using synthetic materials to prepare house wraps that met the highest quality standards.


New purpose-built facility

In July 2015, our business expanded and we moved from Judea to a custom designed factory and office complex in Tauriko, Tauranga.

This new base is our hub for national sales and service and is where we manufacture and distribute all our products around New Zealand and internationally.


Family succession

In March 2020, after nearly five decades in the business, Paul Bishop officially passed ownership of Paul Industries to sons Joel and Frank. Their succession extends the Bishop family legacy, enabling a third generation to carry the business forward and demonstrate their ongoing commitment to supplying high quality products.

Business rebrand

In October 2020, Joel and Frank Bishop rebranded Paul Industries as Bayonet and consolidated all its product brands under the same name.

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Celebrating 50 years

Now, half a century on, the business has gone through a multitude over changes that we can reflect on and be proud of all our accomplishments.


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