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75mm Roof Netting Premium

Looking for an economical but top quality hex netting solution for your roofing underlays and insulation? Consider Bayonet’s Premium 75mm Roof Netting. Manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards.


  • Roofing
  • General Purpose

Enjoy premium quality, short lead times and low order volumes with Bayonet’s Kiwi made 75mm Premium Roof Netting.

Made from galvanised 1.0mm diameter mild steel wires, it comes with a supersized core that reduces wastage by up to 20%. Enjoy less sag, a consistent appearance, and twin edge wires that run straight for ease of twisting. Plus, we make life easy with our exact cut service, and mega-length rolls which reduce the number of joins. This is netting that won’t slow you down! Ideal for both timber and steel structures, it’s the smart choice for those wanting affordable New Zealand made roof netting.

Hex Wire Netting 41mm Rabbitsupersized corekiwi mademanufactured in NZ

75mm Roof Wire Netting Premium roll


  • Strength
    • Twin edge wires for ease of tensioning and strength.
  • Cost Effective
    • Exact-Cut service provides precise lengths for each job to reduce wastage & time.
    • Short lead times and low order volumes.
    • Super-sized inner core ensures full length of netting unrolls easily – no more scrunched ends!
  • Choice
    • Suitable for both timber and steel framed buildings.
  • Eco Friendly
    • 100% recyclable.
  • Fire Resistant
    • Up to 420°C.
  • Compliance 
    • AS/NZS 4534:2006 & AS 2423-2002.


75mm Roof Netting Premium


Roof Wire Netting Roof Underlays
Bayonet Hexagonal Roof Netting comes in standard and made to measure sizes.
SKU Roll Width (MM) Hole Size (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) (gauge) Roll Length (Lineal M) Weight (kg)
HN200075150P 2000751.0/195019
HN20007511P 2000751.0/191n/a
HN200075125P 2000751.0/19259.5
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