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Premium 18

Slice Cut Staples Barbed

For top quality barbed staples with exceptional holding power choose Bayonet Premium18 Slice Cut Fence Staples. They’re not only super strong and ultra durable, but they’re eco-friendly, fire resistant, and come in a handy resealable bucket.


  • Farm Fencing
  • Construction
  • General Purpose

Working with soft wood posts? In coastal areas? Or regions rampant with chemical sprays? Don’t waste time with inferior products – reach straight for the Rolls Royce of staples, Bayonet’s Slice Cut Fence Staples.

With a zinc aluminium coating and a lifespan up to three times greater than heavily galvanised products, these post and batten staples will stand the test of time. Barbed legs keep staples firmly anchored even if posts dry and split, and splayed legs and opposing slice cuts supply further reinforcement. Barbed staples are available in a range of sizes – 50mm for soft posts, 40mm for hard posts and 30mm for battens.

kiwi mademanufactured in NZ

Sliced Cut Fence Staples Barbed pack


  • Strength
    • Featuring barbs on each leg to provide exceptional holding strength in softwood posts.
    • Featuring five degree splayed legs causing splaying outwards when driven, providing superior holding strength in softwood posts.
    • Featuring opposing slice cuts that make the staple legs twist in opposite directions when driven, providing superior holding strength in softwood posts.
  • Durable
    • 90% zinc / 10% aluminum W05 Premium 18 coating lasting three times that of heavily galvanised wires.
    • Designed to withstand adverse weather, humidity, various chemical sprays, pesticides and insecticides.
  • Convenient
    • Staples come in handy, robust resealable buckets that can be used time and again.
  • Eco Friendly
    • 100% recyclable
  • Fire Resistant
    • Up to 380°C.
  • Compliance
    • AS/NZS 4534:2006 & AS 2423-2002


Slice Cut Staples Barbed

Premium 18

Sliced Cut Fence Staples Barbed measurement guide
Staples come in a range of lengths, wire diameters and pack sizes.
SKU Staple Length (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Pack Weight (kg)
SB30315500GP18 303.15 / 100.5
SB303155KGP18 303.15 / 105
SB3031520KGP18 303.15 / 1020
SB4040500GP18 404.0 / 80.5
SB40405KGP18 404.0 / 85
SB404020KGP18 404.0 / 820
SB5040500GP18 504.0 / 80.5
SB50405KGP18 504.0 / 85
SB504020KGP18 504.0 / 820
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