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Wire Bag Ties


  • Orchards
  • Commercial Fencing
  • Temporary Fencing Panels
  • Other General Purposes

Orchardists rejoice! Bayonet BayoGAL Plus Wire Bag Ties make securing your vines a breeze.

Delivering up to 6x longer life than lightly galvanised loop ties, and more cost effective than pre-straightened tie wire. Pre-cut, double looped and low tensile for maximum flexibility and ease of twisting. It’s no wonder they’re the bag tie of choice not just for orchard work, but for everything from closing feed sacks, to tying reinforced mesh or chain link netting in place. Eco-friendly, fire resistant up to 420°C, and packaged in handy 2000 tie bundles. With lengths to suit all your tying needs, from 110mm to 300mm.

wire bag ties


  • Durable
    • Heavily galvanised BayoGAL Plus coating improves duability and rust resistance, delivering up to 6x longer life than light galvanised coatings.
  • Cost Effective
    • Pre looped ends allows for faster tying with power tools to save on labour versus pre-straightened tie wire.
  • Eco Friendly
    • 100% recyclable
  • Fire Resistant
    • Up to 420°C


Wire Bag Ties

Premium 6

Tie wire bag ties measurement guide
Wire Bag Ties are available in different wire diameters and lengths.
SKU Wire Diameter (mm) (gauge) Wire Tie Length (MM) Quantity / Bundles Bundle Weight (KG)
WT101102000BGP 1.0/19 110 20002
WT101502000BGP 1.0/19150 2000 3
WT161102000BGP 1.6/16 110 2000 6
WT161502000BGP 1.6/16150 2000 7
WT162002000BGP 1.6/16 200 2000 8.6
WT162502000BGP 1.6/16 250 2000 10
WT163002000BGP 1.6/16 3002000 12
WT161102000B 1.6/16 110 2000 6
WT161502000B 1.6/16150 2000 7
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How do I measure the length of the tie?

Please refer to our sizes reference.

What tensile wire are these made from?

Low tensile.