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Premium 18

Coiled Wire

Take the headache out of your next job with Bayonet’s Coiled Wire. Super durable, easy to use and coiled here in New Zealand, this is fencing wire that’s a cut above the industry standard thanks to its premium coating.


  • Conventional Fencing Wire
  • Electric Fencing Wire
  • Tie Wire
  • Horticulture
  • Viticulture

Save precious time and money with Bayonet’s Coiled Wire, the hassle-free solution for busy fencers.

Coiled at Bayonet’s Tauranga factory using high quality stock designed for New Zealand’s tough conditions, this is wire that goes the distance. With a 90% zinc and 10% aluminium coating, it lasts three times longer than heavily galvanised wire. Not only that, it unrolls easily, lies flat and comes with a tie-easy and tangle-free guarantee. Available in a wide range of diameters and tensiles we’ve got coiled wire to suit every job, from fencing and tie applications, to lacing and reinforcing. Eco-friendly and fire resistant up to 380 degrees.

coiled wirelogo kiwi coiled logo coiled in NZ by Bayonet

Coiled wire fencing wire coil


  • Durable
    • 90% zinc / 10% aluminium W05 Premium 18 coating lasting 3 x times that of heavily galvanised wires.
    • Designed to withstand adverse weather, humidity, various chemical sprays, pesticides and insecticides.
  • Cost Effective
    • Coiled in New Zealand by Bayonet, removing and reinstating the helix allowing coils to lie flat and unroll easily for application
  • Flexible
    • Malleable allowing it to tie easy and be tangle free.
  • Eco Friendly
    • 100% recyclable
  • Fire Resistant
    • Up to 380 degrees
  • Compliance
    • AS/NZS 4534:2006 & AS 2423-2002


Coiled Wire

Premium 18

coiled wire farm fence measurement guide
Coiled wire has a vast range of different wire diameters, lengths and tensiles.
SKU Wire Diameter (mm) (gauge) Tensile Coil Length (LM) Coil Weight (kg) Coil Inner Diameter (MM) Recommended Tension (KG) Min Breaking Strain (KG/Newtons)
FW16LT500GP18 1.6/16Low/Soft31.50.52004090/860
FW16LT5KGP18350ID 1.6/16Low/Soft31553504090/860
FW16LT10KGP18350ID 1.6/16Low/Soft630103504090/860
FW16HT25KGP18 1.6/16High/Hard15752555080220/2170
FW20LT500GP18 2.0/14Low/Soft20.50.520065140/1350
FW20LT5KGP18350ID 2.0/14Low/Soft205535065140/1350
FW20LT10KGP18350ID 2.0/14Low/Soft4101035065140/1350
FW20LT10KGP18550ID 2.0/14Low/Soft4101055065140/1350
FW20HT25KGP18 2.0/14High/Hard102525550110395/3880
FW25LT25KGP18 2.5/12Low/Soft6502555080215/2110
FW25HT10KGP18 2.5/12High/Hard20010550150620/6060
FW25HT25KGP18 2.5/12High/Hard65025550150620/6060
FW25HT1000MP18 2.5/12High/Hard100038.5550150620/6060
FW315LT25KGP18 3.15/10Low/Soft40825550150365/3590
FW315HT25KGP18 3.15/10High/Hard40825550220835/8200
FW40LT25KGP18 4.0/8Low/Soft25325550250590/5780
FW40HT25KGP18 4.0/8High/Hard253255503001405/13800
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Is our wire coiled in NZ?

Yes it is coiled buy us, the helix in the wire gets removed and reinstalled in the process which provides a tie easy, tangle free coil.

What inner diameter are our 500g weight coils?


What inner diameter are our 5KG & 10KG coils of 1.6mm & 2.0mm?

350mm or 550mm

What inner diameter coils are our 2.5mm-4.0mm wire diameters?