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Bayonet Fastwrap Flamespec HW


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Bayonet’s Fastwrap Flamespec HW Roof Underlay is an advanced synthetic self-supporting underlay for use under all roof cladding types.

Stronger and more resistant to shrinkage than kraft based papers, Flamespec HW consists of a micro-porous water resistant film, laminated on two layers of non-woven spud-bonded polyolefin.

Fully self-supporting down to 10 degrees, there’s no need for netting – just attach it directly to your timber or steel framing. This roof underlay also comes with printed laying lines so overlapping is a breeze. It can also provide temporary protection against the weather before you get your wall cladding or roofing material up.



  • Versatile
    • Can use on timber and steel framed buildings.
    • Suitable for use on all Building Wind Zones of NZS 3604 up to and including ‘Extra High’.
  • Durable
    • Anti-microbial and will not rot.
  • Fire Resistant
    • Fire retardant – AS 1530
    • Flammability index of <5.
  • Efficient
    • Spans up to 1200mm centres without support on roofs 10 degrees and above.
  • Breathable
    • The water-resistant film reduces the risk of condensation when compared with conventional kraft papers.
  • Easy application
    • Pre-printed with laying lines
    • Grey colour reduces glare for significantly less eye-strain for roofers during application.


Bayonet Fastwrap Flamespec HW

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SKU Width (mm) Length (m) Total (m2) Weight (kg)
FSHW135075 135055.6758.5
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