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Reverse Twist Barbed Wire


  • Commercial Fencing
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Whether you’re fencing for livestock control or beefing up your security fencing, Bayonet’s easy to use Reverse Twist Barbed Wire gets the job done.

Crafted to withstand New Zealand’s harsh climate and chemical sprays, it lasts three times longer than heavily galvanised wire due to its zinc aluminium coating. Made from a reverse twisted double strand of 1.6mm high tensile wire, barbs are securely locked in place at regular intervals – no more twisting and sliding! Designed for rural and commercial applications, this is the go-to barbed wire for both conventional post and batten fencing and top quality security fencing. Want the toughest twist on the market? This is it!

rereverse twist barbed wire security fencing

Reverse twist barbed wire security fencing roll


  • Durable
    • 95% zinc / 5% aluminium W05 BayoZAL coating lasting 2x that of heavily galvanised wires.
    • Designed to withstand adverse weather, humidity, various chemical sprays, pesticides and insecticides.
  • Eco Friendly
    • 100% recyclable
  • Fire Resistant
    • Up to 380°C.


Reverse Twist Barbed Wire

Premium 18

Reverse Twist Barbed Wire Security Fencing measurement guide
Reverse Twist 100mm Barbed Wire comes in 500 metre coils.
SKU Barb Spacing (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) (gauge) Coil Length (LM) Coil Weight (kg) Recommended Tension (KG) Min Breaking Strain (KG/Newtons)
BWRT100HT25KGBZ 1001.6/1650025120/1177220/2170
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What is the difference between Iowa & Reverse Twist Barbed Wire?

Iowa has a continuous twist all the way along the coil where as reverse twist spins one way to a barb then reverses and spins the other way to the next barb.